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Monday, January 09, 2006


Soldiers Angels in collaboration with Library of Lifeis mounting aGuinness Book of Records attempt, called Operation: Love Our Troops, to create the largest digital Valentineâ??s Day card ever and send the messages to our deployed military.

Library of Life is an organization that offers the public a way to celebrate life and share memories on line, through a digital library that will last forever. They are sponsoring the campaign, hosting the Valentines messages for free and created a way to raise funds for Soldiers Angels.

Before the site is promoted and Operation Love Our Troops is announced to the public, we want to populate the site with genuine, heartfelt messages. We are reaching out to Angels for support with this. We're asking that you visit www.operationloveourtroops.com and send a message of support to the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces. â??Who would better deserve the largest Valentineâ??s Day card than our troops abroad,â?? says Patti Patton-Bader.

Library of Life has retained The Bohle Company, a top public relations company based in Los Angeles, to promote the campaign. They will be seeking major media coverage for this effort that will greatly enhance Soldiers Angels visibility.

We are really excited about this partnership and trust you will be too.

Let's show the troops how much they are appreciated. You're welcome to forward this email on to others. We want Operation Love Our Troops to be an overwhelming success. Thank you for helping us attain this goal.

Take care,

Patti Bader, Founder

Ana-Marie Smith, President

Soldiers' Angels


"May No Soldier, Sailor, Marine Go Unloved"

Patti Bader

May no soldier go unloved.

May no soldier walk alone.

May no soldier be forgotten,

Until they all come home.


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