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Thursday, June 30, 2005


Posted at 1:00 PM, Pacific

The news on the Special Forces crash in Afghanistan is confirmed as as bad as it could be. I will feature a number of milbloggers on today's show, including FroggyRuminations Col. Bay, Smash, as well as Mark Steyn and, from Baghdad, Michael Yon.

I will also be urging the audience to contribute to the United Warrior Survivor Foundation which is "dedicated to the surviving spouses of Special Operations military personnel killed in the line of duty since 9/11. UWSF offers Survivor Transition Assistance to surviving spouses, along with educational counseling, financial guidance, investment planning, and other programs." I know the groups' founders and they are superb people with extensive ties to the special operations community, and they do great things with the resources they raise. You can contribute here.

Perhaps some other civilian bloggers could post a link to the Foundation. The url is easy to remember: www.frogfriends.com.

SoldiersAngels can also use as many sponsors as there are out there.

Radioblogger will post the transcripts later this evening.


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