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They carry the weight of the world as easy as they
carry the gear on
their back.

They are missed at Sunday dinners and spend birthdays

The eat MRE's and dream of home-cooked meals and

Their leave is never long enough and goodbyes come too

They have responsibilities that we could never imagine
and that
creates places within them where we are not welcome.

Places that only the soldier, one arms length away,
would understand.

They make friendships that even years later causes
their eyes to
light up and their speech to become more rapid as they
tell their

They are our heroes.

They sacrifice to serve.

They defend us from enemies seen and unseen and at
times, they defend
us from ourselves.

Indoor plumbing, a real bed, and laundry rooms are
unknown luxury in
a war zone and take on a whole new importance.

They long remember the smell of the cot and can feel
the grit from
ever-present sand.

They carry pictures of their children and families
magazines of live ammo.

They are a paradox of gentleness and warrior.

They bleed red, white, and blue, and they cry real

They carry guilt for those they left behind and guilt
for what may
await them.

The letters they send are never long enough or
frequent enough.

The letters we send them are never long enough or
frequent enough.

So each letter is read and reread until they can
recite each line by

It matters not what branch they chose to serve in.

They are the brotherhood of proud men and women.

They are in our prayers and in our hearts.

They are our soldiers.

They have earned the right to be our heroes.

May we earn the right to call ourselves Americans and
give them the
respect and support they deserve.

Monday, December 29, 2003

News- Pope's ambassador to Burundi killed in rebel ambush


Sunday, December 28, 2003

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