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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Thank A Soldier


Here is why you are needed to STAND and Support our very brave young heroes.

Hello my fellow Soldiers Angels,
It's just little old me writing to say thank you for all the letters and care packages you all have sent to me, my unit and to all of the SO guys here in Iraq. I can't even begin to thank you enough or tell you what it means to a lot of us over here. If it wasn't for you we would be a bunch of very dirty, hungry, disgruntled soldiers and sailors (had to add sailors because I used to be one!)
The SO guys here on base that help me wanted me to say thank you for them, too, and let you all know how much it means to them as well. They told me to tell you they think you guys are great for going out of your way and writing people you don't know and sending care packages and letters to them. They said they want to apologize for the ones who either don't write back or are in a place they can't write back but say they are thankful for you anyway. So far 36 units of SO guys have been receiving your letters and care packages along with a few units here on base when I get too backed up when the choppers can't make the runs to the guys. A few times, the roads have been bombed out and the choppers are busy doing force protection so they are around. This generally happens about 4-5 days before I'm up 2 days straight catching up on the packages that were sent but couldn't get through.So from the bottom of every soldier and sailors heart we thank you very much for doing everything that you have done. There is no way that we could ever thank you for everything that you have done for us. To us, you are the heroes, without you our time over here wouldn't be nearly as good. We all look forward to your letters, email and cards telling us to "keep" our chin up and to fight through a new day.

With much love and appreciation,
"SO guys" of Tikrit, Iraq

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