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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Soldiers' Angels

When the telephone rang, Soldiers' Angels was quick to respond. A soldier was calling for help with a soldiers' mom. As we listened to the families needs, one by one we rushed into motion. There were Angels on the phone with the airlines, Angels on the phone to make lodging arrangements, Angels on the phone to other Angels, and an Angel on the phone with our wounded heroes mom.

As the mother cried on the phone we sat quietly to let her vent, as a mother asked why, we quietly comforted her. As she worried about what would happen next, we were their to offer a lending hand.

A mother's trust for the care of her child is not one so easily won, this mother turned to the Angels for help and we all banded together as one. A mother who's life seems like it is all spinning around her, found comfort from the phone calls from a perfect stranger. When the night came to pass this mother of a hero, called one of her new found Angels to say thank-you, your my hero.

Today, we received word about an injured soldier, today the Angels banded together to bring ease to his mother, and today the Angels learned one by one why we are here and why we do this. We are here for this soldiers' mother, we will be here until the end, we are our Soldiers' Angels and a mother's new friend.
Viktoria Carter

Soldiers' Angels

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