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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Soldiers' Angels

My brother Landon Nordby is serving in Iraq (U.S. Army MP) at the Abu Gharib prison. When you meet him you?ll find him to be the most humble and hard working gentleman you?ll meet.
He first started drawing portraits of other soldiers and their families from pictures that the soldiers had brought with them. Landon was doing this free of charge, but his fellow soldiers wouldn?t let him continue that. The waiting list got so long that other soldiers started to pay him not only for the illustrations, but also to get to the front of the line.
Then, Landon started painting murals over the images of Saddam.
Also, he painted a mural for the church that has been started at the prison. When he started going to the services, there where only 6 soldiers and after a few months it grew to over 100. Much of the growth was due to Landon inviting his new friends.
I?ve attached some images of the mural he painted for the church. I figured the images where pretty fitting for ?Soldier?s Angels?.
My family and I knew Landon was going over to Iraq to do more than guard a prison, liberate the Iraqi people or serve and protect his country. He was going over to change lives for the better.
I?m not sure if you find this interesting or not, but with all of the other ?news? we hear everyday? it?s nice to know that things like this are going on. And I think the American people would find it refreshing.
The paintbrush is mightier than the sword.
Feel free to contact me if you?d like more info.
Thank you for your time and God bless,


Soldiers' Angels

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