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Monday, October 18, 2004

Soldiers' Angels

Since I have returned from DC I have had time to think about my trip. I walked into the room of a man who thought he had no one. A man who thought that he was going to die alone, a man who thought he was going to go through life with no love in his life.

Then one day a man walked into the room of this lonely man and decided that no one should die alone. One man contacted the Angels and asked for help and the Angels came. What was once a dark hospital room was filled with balloons, flowers, cards, and stuffed animals. Hats, Hennessy, watermelon, and candy filled the room. Singing toys and figurines showed up and everything you could imagine. People flew in, people drove from different states, the visitors never stopped coming.

The phone calls are endless, one lady calls and sings everyday. The refridgator is full of food just for Phil, we have named it the Philarator. He has everything in there subs, chinese food, chicken, watermelon, anything you can think of.

When I met Phil more than a week ago and we said good bye the first time it felt as if we were saying good bye forever, this time when we said good bye it felt as if we were saying good bye for a few weeks. I honestly feel that the love that we Angels are giving Phil are giving him a reason to continue his fight. He has shown so much improvement in the past few days. He knows that he is loved, he knows that he has a family, he knows that we want him to stay with us.

Mark has been a wonderful friend to Phil, and his has been very devoted and has and will be very private in his feelings about this situation. I ask that we respect Mark's privacy and not push him in talking about his feelings about this for he has great respect for Phil and is very touched by all of this attention that we have shown Phil, but Mark is a very private person and does not wish to discuss much. His desire is for Phil to have all the attention because he wants Phil to have the fight and desire to fight this and walk out of the hospital.

I ask all Angels to continue to send cards and support to Phil, I know that we can heal Phil and I know that we have the power to show this man that the Angels do love him. Phil wants to ride the roller coasters so lets help heal him so we can get him to all of the amusement parks to get him on all the good ones.


Soldiers' Angels

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