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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Soldiers' Angels-Willie In Landstuhl

As we arrived in Landstuhl, Irene and Manfred and me we went to the Fisher House at first. Later we went to the wards 14, 10 , 12 and 8 and looked for wounded soldiers. Kathy and Andrew a volunteer from Fisher House and Javed, a soldier from the Family Assistante Center went with us to the wards. This time it was not allowed to visit the wounded so as in the past. We could not go directly to the wounded soldiers and talk with them. The security is very high at the moment. So Kathy and Javed have looked at first on which wards wounded soldiers were. And at first Javed has called the wards and told the staffs that we are on the way to them.

We must look at first if the staff can go with us or we have to give the backpacks to staffs on the wards and the nurses take the backpacks to the wounded later. So we have luck, and we could go over the wards. We had only two interested talks with soldier Jeremy Smith, a teacher for history. His ancestors are from France and Germany. And we talk with soldier Cook, who we met on the floor.

We have met Staff Sgt. Danny . He was injured during the sniper shooting thursday near Baghdad. He was part of a security detail for a meeting about 20 miles from the protected Green Zone. There was a single shot from a sniper, and Baker was the only soldier hurt. A bullet went in on the left side and exited out his back.

We have heard that marines were there who would be attacked with a car bomb in Mossul on the 18th October. A lot of bed were empty because the wounded were under a surgery.

We had to special backpacks with us for:

Wounded PFC Drake and for wounded LCpl Cory .

Kathy told me that PFC Drake`s mother is arrived this morning in Landstuhl and that his father will come tomorrow. He is in coma and no one knows if he can come out it. So let as pray for him. PFC Drake was seriously hurt in a car bombing in Iraq on Friday that killed four other people. He was in an Army Psychological Operations unit based at Fort Bragg, N.C., and he arrived at Ramstein Air Base in Germany at the 18th. October on his way to Landstulh Regional Medical Center. Last friday, Private Drake was driving a truck near the town of Qaim near the Syrian border. Two other psychological operations soldiers, a Marine, and an Iraqi translator were killed in the suicide attack. Private Drake was in a coma when he reached in Landstuhl and also has injuries to his head, right arm, and shoulder, including a fractured skull. He has had several surgeries for his head injuries and will have more surgeries when he is in a more stable condition. He will eventually be transferred to Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Lance Cpl. Cory a other wounded was hit with shrapnel near Fallujah, his face is damaged, and he may lose his eye. He was in his second rotation in Iraq after serving seven months in 2003.

We have seen that a lot of young wounded conductors, soldiers and marines were there. There legs or arms are wounded.

It was a great day there and we are glad that every one has received a backpack today. We have seen the backpack project is a project we need, we will need it over a long time I believe.

Soldiers' Angels

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