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Friday, October 15, 2004


Bravo Battery, 1-62 ADA, Soldiers Help Iraqi Students Get School Year Off to Great Start
by 2nd Lt. Joel Haas

When asked what he liked most during the visit, Spec. Miguel Ordonez replied, “the smile on the kids’ faces, giving them something they never had before, and showing them we cared.” Operation Crayon is also an opportunity for the Soldiers to see whom they are fighting for. “It lets us know that we are making a difference in their lives. That’s satisfaction for me,” according to Cpl. Michael Jones. It’s amazing to see children ask the Soldiers for the simplest of things like flashlights, gum, or extra pens. Items we don’t think twice about are things they loved as gifts.

Besides school supplies, Soldiers also handed out candies and stuffed animals (Beenie Babies) to the children, instantly brightening their young faces. “The look in their eyes is one I will never forget, I saw my two kids in their faces whom I miss so much,” said Cpl. Jeff Simpson.


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