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Monday, October 11, 2004

In response to: "My Son... a US Marine"

In response to: "My Son... a US Marine"

By: SGT Mark R. Brown, Portland, OR
Published: Oct 11, 2004

First off I would like to say that I am a Republican voting for Kerry. I am a 15 year veteran currently serving in the National Guard and was in Desert Storm. My 21 year old son is now serving in Iraq as an Infantry soldier with the 2/7th Cav. I understand that the message to belittle our Governments actions are a good attempt to help Kerry and his campaign as President Bush has used the Military in the wrong way. However, I find that the lies he tells cannot be supported with more hysterics and deeper lies. I find it disturbing that this article is coming from a mother who's son has not even been in the Marines more than 3 years yet, and depending on any college he may have had upon entering the Marines he may have not even been in for more than a year.

Below is a post I made on a message board I frequent when I read this article there. I would hope that you would show me the same courtesy that you showed Ms. Austin and publish this rebuttal. It's bad enough that us parents out there are worried sick about the welfare of their children just to have more thrown at them that our soldiers are not well enough equipped, which is a fabrication. Yes this war is unjust, but lets not give false information to those concerned families. Bush has given enough of that which is why I will vote for Kerry. Let us not shed the light on lies made by our Government by spreading more lies in defense. Here is what I wrote, and thank you for your time.

SGT Mark R. Brown

Here are some things said that this mother does not realize:

(Almost $100 of this money had to be spent on a third set of “new and improved” Digital Cammies. Money is being deducted from their pay for “equipment”.)

First, money that she thinks is being deducted for "equipment" is actually a "clothing allowance"! After their "initial" issue of clothing, soldiers are required to buy what ever they may need after that, but are given approximately $1000.00 a year added to their pay to do so. Most soldiers piss it off and bitch when they don't have the money to buy new boots and uniforms.

(I was enraged when I found out that the Flack Jacket (their bullet proof vests) were the woodland version, the ones that are supposed to blend in with TREES! These marines will look like a group of trees in the middle of the desert!)

This depends on where he is stationed in Iraq. I have been "talking" to my son over the internet who is in the Baghdad area. He is an Infantry soldier that goes out every night with his Squad Leader looking for IED's with a $80.00 metal detector. They found two in the last three days. He told me that the area he is in is all "high grass like in Vietnam, and Date trees and Palm trees. It's like a marshy area." He in fact has a desert colored set of body armor. I bet he wishes right now that he could trade with her son not only the body armor but the digital uniform that is good in any terrain!

(He noticed some Marines were wearing eye-protectors. He asked where they had gotten them. A Marine told him that he was “ISSUED” a pair. Sierra Battery was NOT issued any! My son had to spend another $100 at the PX to buy himself a pair TO PROTECT HIS EYES!!)

This right here is nothing more than having a shitty Supply Sergeant! I have a Supply MOS and was doing that job during our first phase of our deployment to Iraq before I was put in a Squad Leader position. I ordered every soldier a pair of "Wiley X's" (at $85.00 a piece). At this point it's up to the Supply Sergeant to take care of the troops. It seems that his isn't doing his job!

(The new rifles they were supposed to be issued were not. Some military personnel do have the new rifles that have been modified for the desert conditions. NOT MY SON!)

Well, there are 180,000 troops in Iraq right now. Just how fast do you think these weapons can be made? Be patient, and give thanks that he still has better equipment and a better weapon than those he is fighting.

Leave it to a mother uninformed to go off on things she knows NOTHING about. In response to: "My Son... a US Marine"

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