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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Everyday Angels Emailing

Soldiers Angels In ACTION

God love them one and all!!! I got to meet one of my soldiers Friday night. I have been writing and sending packages since April without a word from him. Then, out of the blue, we got the call. He apologized for not writing and said that he doesn't have much time for that since he is out on missions and may not even get to talk to his wife for a month. He is one of the first responders when they are called in to clean up an area -- he is a gunner on top of a humvee . He is from Boston, but says he is behind our president 100%. He says they are doing the right thing and most of the Iraqi people appreciate us being there. He said he has seen first hand the mutilation of people who went against Saddam Hussein. He also said what goes right over people's heads is a photo of a woman in front of a computer. A woman never could have done that under Saddam Hussein. He also is not surprised that we haven't found WMDs because he wondered how we were going to find them when Saddam had buried fighter jets and weapons arsenals in the sand. They only way they have been able to recover them is with metal detectors -- and there are hundreds and hundreds of miles of open sand. At the end of his 2 week R&R, Rob said he was ready to go back and complete the mission. He said he just couldn't tell us how much they all appreciate us -- we keep them going. It hurts my heart to see the dedication and bravery of these young men and women and how some in this country spit right in their faces. If we end up going down the road John Kerry and his bunch want to take us, our grandchildren may never enjoy the freedoms our brave military men and women have fought so hard to preserve.


-------Original Message-------

Dear Friends,
I got this email this morning and it's so telling of the media slant. I only send these to further encourage the work of Soldiers' Angels (lest we forget) and perhaps to try to convince everyone that the media is our fiercest enemy as they attempt to demoralize Our Military!!! Most of them, anyhow. Gosh, I could rip them to pieces...if I only could!!!!!!! Maybe I will. Any volunteers...?!?!? You're welcome to pass this along to those that still somehow think the Dan Rather's, the CNNers, MSNBCers, NPRers, etc. of the world have any lick of credibility.
God Bless Our Soldiers. I can't even tell you.................But you all feel the same way, don't ya's!!!
Love Nila


Hey there my special angel. Sorry I have not been writting to you..... there was a major mission over here and my unit was the main effort. I know you don't watch the news but we took back one of the main cities that were a problem over here. Yes it was alot harder as usual then the new reported.... but I have grown use to that by now. Well the mission is winding down some and so I spent an hour or so reading email now that I got back to the base. Well still have more notes to send out but thanks for all you emails and jokes... I love them.


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