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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Care Packages

Minimus.biz Teams with Soldiers’ Angels Organization to Design Military Care Packages
Minimus.biz, the world's first store dedicated exclusively to travel size items, is now offering 17 pre-made military care packages. The packages were designed in conjunction with Soldiers' Angels, an oganization whose members adopt soldiers stationed overseas, sending them regular care packages.

(PRWEB) October 15, 2004 -- Minimus.biz has just launched a line of seventeen different military care packages for military personnel stationed overseas. The kits include basic and deluxe versions of a beverage kit, mini-meal kit, snack kit, condiment kit, medical kit, personal care kits for men and women, laundry kit, and military field kits.

“One of our customers was part of a great organization called Soldiers’ Angels, where each member adopts a soldier and sends them regular care packages. We worked with the membership of the organization to find out what their adopted soldiers were requesting, and we put together a full line of care packages to meet their needs,” notes company marketing Vice-President and co-founder Paul Shrater.

Soldiers’ Angels slogan is “may no soldier go unloved.” More importantly, the slogan describes the motivation behind Soldiers' Angels. By working together and sharing a common vision of service, the volunteers of Soldiers' Angels send care to deployed soldiers and their loved ones at home. To date, they have send thousands of care packages to deployed soldiers, helped the wounded at three major military hospitals, and aided many military families.

While customers can create their own custom care packages from Minimus.biz’s 500+ individual and travel size product offerings, the new “care package” aisle on the site offers pre-made military care packages. Customers can add additional items from the site to the care packages as well.

The packages can be shipped to the customer for their own re-packaging, or can be shipped directly to the military post office in the United States that then forwards to the soldiers overseas. Minimus.biz offers free domestic shipping for orders over $20, which includes the military post office.

Soldiers' Angels

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