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Sunday, October 10, 2004

1000 Words from Iraq

It seems that, more and more, the majority of the violence here is focused on the Iraqis themselves. The most violent terrorist attacks in this region recently have been on Iraqi government officials and Iraqi security forces. I think the terrorists have diverted their attention to attacking the Iraqi Security Forces for a very important strategic reason.
The terrorists have realized that US forces aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’re a force that is unstoppable. They can cause injury to us, and sure, the rising death toll my have sway on the opinions of the people back home, but they’re not getting to us here. We don’t scare easily.
It’s the Iraqis who are weak, who are vulnerable right now because they are trying to get on their feet. The terrorists have launched a massive information war, trying to put fear into the Iraqi people’s hearts, which is where they are going to be more successful.
There are dvds circulating around Mosul of beheadings and horrible images meant to intimidate the people. There are black lists, or hit lists, out on the streets containing the names of the people who are working with the Coalition. Every day a leader who is working with the Coalition is assassinated. Every day more of our interpreters quit because they are afraid. The residents of the city face death threats, drive-bys and kidnappings for working with us.
People are scared, and rightfully so. If they’re caught working for us, the terrorists will kill them, if they’re caught working against us, we will kill them. More...

1000 Words from Iraq

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