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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Fierce fighting rages in Iraq: "... killed in clashes between rebel forces and Italian troops in Nasiriyah. Rebels also clashed with ... worsening violence. As Iraq's most respected Shiite religious leader, the aged ayatollah has played a ..."

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How big Al Qaeda's footprint is in the US: "... several developments overseas. Security was tightened at Rome's main airport following threats directed at Italy. Pakistan, meanwhile, continued with a crackdown on Islamic militancy, and a dozen Al Qaeda suspects were arrested in Britain. In all, the ..."

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RACHID: Inside The Mind Of A "Terrorist": "... gives an insight into the mesh of religion, politics and violence that creates a "terrorist". ... designer clothes, Levi 501s, gelled hair and Italian shoes. These GIA 'emirs' (princes) are handsome ... civilians such as journalists, doctors, teachers or Christians. Intestines are used to decorate trees, heads ..."

In EIN News: Italy Religion News

Fighting spreads in Iraq: "... After noon prayers in Basra, Iraq, a Shiite Muslim holds ... injured and six killed in attacks on Italian troops in the city of Nasiriyah. There ..."

In EIN News: Italy Religion News

Anybody know anything about shadow people? in The Pagan Library

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