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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Iraq War News
4 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Gunfire: "Insurgents fired mortar rounds at an Iraqi National Guard headquarters in the city of Samarra on Thursday, killing four U.S. soldiers and one Iraqi guardsman, the military said. A fifth U.S. soldier was unaccounted for and 20 were wounded. (AP)"

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Philippine president bars contract workers from Iraq: "CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - Armed Iraq insurgents threatened to kill a Filipino hostage if his country does not withdraw from Iraq, according to a video that aired Wednesday. The Philippines responded by barring Filipino workers from traveling to Iraq."

In Fresno Bee: Iraq

Three Americans arrested in Kabul: "Three Americans arrested in Afghanistan were on a self-appointed counterterrorism mission that included holding eight inmates in a private jail, a senior official said Thursday."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq

Top officer says police have prevented terror attacks in London in Katu.com: Iraq & Terror

US Marine freed in Iraq believed back home in Lebanon, keeps out of sight: "The US embassy said it believed a Lebanese-born US Marine missing in Iraq last month and once feared beheaded by Islamist captors was now back in Lebanon, although he was keeping out of sight. (AFP)"

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Australian opposition slams "thuggish and dumb" US criticism on Iraq: "The opposition Labor Party dismissed a US attack on its pledge to withdraw troops from Iraq as "thuggish and dumb" and warned White House officials against trying to influence the looming Australian election. (AFP)"

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Violence flare in Baghdad as government unveils sweeping security measures: "Violence flared in central Baghdad as the new interim government unveiled sweeping security measures aimed at crushing a tenacious insurgency, and interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi scheduled talks with the EU next week on his country's reconstruction. (AFP)"

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U.S. Quietly Sneaks Once-Looted Uranium Out of Iraq: "Washington has spirited 1.8 tonsof enriched uranium out of Iraq for safekeeping, more than ayear after looters stole it from a U.N.-sealed facility leftunguarded by U.S. troops, U.S. and U.N. officials said onWednesday. (Reuters)"

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Real-life drama last month over capital showed limitations of air defenses in Katu.com: Iraq & Terror

Lebanon US Marine URGENT in Katu.com: Iraq & Terror

Pentagon announces new tribunal, new legal procedures for detainees in Katu.com: Iraq & Terror

Amid violence, Iraq unveils security law: "BAGHDAD, Iraq ? As Iraq's interim government announced its long-awaited special security law Wednesday, dozens of militants fought a gunbattle with Iraqi and American troops just blocks away."

In Kansas City Star: Iraq

Abuse of prisoners in the US: "      Salon has a very in-depth article by Michelle Goldberg on the latest prisoner abuse scandal, this one in Brooklyn.  Of course, prisons in the US have long been places of abuse, as the recent Boondocks..."

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