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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Soldiers Angels
Volunteers help soldiers overseas

6/15/2004 9:41 AM

By: Debbie Tanna & Web Staff

Boxes filled with comforts from home are en route to soldiers stationed in Iraq.

Soldiers? Angels, a non-profit organization made up of thousands of volunteers across the United States, is mailing snacks and personal hygiene items to the men and women fighting the war.

?Just knowing that somehow we brighten their day, everything they do for us and this is just so small compared to what they sacrifice for us and when they open these up, they know that people care,? said volunteer Peggy Baker.

Soldiers? Angels volunteers fill backpacks with donated items to give to soldiers wounded in combat. Things like underwear, toothbrushes and get well cards help make the solder's transition back home more comfortable.

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