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Friday, May 28, 2004

Everyday Angel Speaks

Birth Right

All gave some and some gave all,
United they stood but brothers did fall.
We all feel the pain, we all shed tears,
Loosing a loved one our worse fear.

Fighting for his birthright America his home,
Look deep in your heart as you read this poem.
September the eleventh took many away,
And we've lost many more since that day.

As sons and daughters do their best,
They struggle to put this country at rest.
It's you America, who sets the tone,
Don't make them feel rejected at home.

It's so easy to point a finger and blame,
Our defense, of ground zero don't, put to shame.
They were all called to battle all took heed,
The day al Qeida made America bleed.

Yes, America will bare the cost,
Of sacrifices made and lives lost.
All of our heroes don't rest in graves,
All who come back deserve our praise.

By Cheryl F. Ross
Copyright 05/15/04

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