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Friday, October 24, 2003

Iraq War News
List of Largest Contributions for Iraq: "Some of largest economic reconstruction pledges for Iraq made prior to or during a donors' conference in Madrid, Spain. The World Bank said a total of more than $33 billion was promised in grants and loans, including $20 billion already pledged by the United States. (AP)"

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Donors Promise Iraq $33 Billion, Smashing Expectations: "International donors pledged at least$33 billion in aid and loans over the next four years to helprebuild war-ravaged Iraq on Friday as the response to aU.S.-led drive for funds far outstripped expectations. (Reuters)"

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Stopping Attacks in Iraq a Tall Order: "The "long, hard slog" in Iraq that Donald H. Rumsfeld foresees from his third-floor office on the Potomac comes into even clearer focus along the Tigris and Euphrates - in the tallies of attacks, in the toll of American dead, in the cold eyes of many Iraqis. (AP)"

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Annan Will Act on U.N. Security Criticism: "Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Friday the United Nations "will have to change our way of doing business" after a highly critical report blamed "dysfunctional" security for unnecessary casualties in the August bombing of U.N. headquarters in Baghdad. (AP)"

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Ex-communist nations send food to Iraq: "Poor yet sympathetic to Iraq's postwar plight, the ex-communist countries of the "New Europe" that deployed small contingents of peacekeeping troops are now sending food, medicine and other goods in lieu of cash."

In Seattle Post-Intelligencer: War on Iraq

Unreported attacks: "The BBC's Martin Asser sees victims of violent crime at a Baghdad hospital."

In BBC: War in Iraq

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